AMK Welding - Equipment

Robotic 7-Axis GTAW Weld Station

Panasonic Power 7Axis Weld system running 190 amps at 100% duty cycle, 300amps at 40% duty cycle Hot wire feeder for improved productivity (where possible) Two 1000kg 4900N·m 2-axis turntables eliminating setup time in medium and high production runs. Positional accuracy down to 0.003" and consistent high quality weld makes the Panasonic Robotic weld station a perfect solution for high technology applications.

Electron Beam Welding Systems

Leybold-Heraeus 15kW 52"x36"x40"
Leybold-Heraeus 7.5kW 52"x36"x40"
PTR 30kW 52"x36"x50"
Hamilton Standard 7.5kW 108"x56"x56"
Hamilton Standard 30kW 60"x60"x60"

Five of the most specialized and up-to-date EB systems in the area, Capabilities include formats up to 108"x56"x56" with multiple power sources up to 30KW . All EB systems have integrated multi axis CNC manipulators, delivering consistently high quality while still allowing the maximum flexibility within the chamber and reducing setup time.

GTAW Automatic Welding

Five Jetline computer controlled rotary welding systems
One Jetline 6' Lateral precision seam welder
One Jetline 4' Lateral precision seam welder
One Jetline ring planishing system

The very latest in design of computer controlled and optically aligned narrow grove TIG welders places AMK at the forefront of TIG welding capabilities. These systems mounted on a combination of lateral, rotary and gantry base units allows AMK the ultimate in flexibility driven by ever increasing market demands.

GTAW Welding

Over 30 various GTAW inverter and conventional power supplies.

Multiple 20,000lb, 10,000lb, 4000lb and 2000lb variable speed turntables and positioners. A Highly flexible work cell structure allows AMK to adapt to large format product in low volume as well as the repetitive high production welding processes.

Heat Treatment

Two VAC4860 HV-2 Vacuum Heat Treating Furnaces with chamber sizes of 30"x36"x60"
One JPW 27cu ft 1000°F
One Grieves 48"x60" 750°F with chart recorder
One New England 36"x36" 900° F

Vacuum Heat treatment is an essential part of most high technology welding operations. State of the art in-house heat treat capabilities at AMK deliver and the multi-profile programs perform a broad range of heat treat processes including stress relief, age and solution in a customized, controlled environment.

GTAW Chamber Welding

1x 48" Argon backfilled welding chamber
5x 36" Argon backfilled welding chambers
1x 6' x 8' Argon backfilled welding chamber

AMK utilizes a combination of chambers enabling even the high production to be efficiently process in an approved environment. The larger Weld chambers are capable of multi axis manipulators and even small format robotic arms for specialist applications.

Quality - Test & Inspection

Two Fluorescent Penetration Inspection (FPI) stations used in final and in-process verification
CCDI Universal high volume air flow test station
Alcatel ASM 142 Helium Leak Detection system
Multiple Hydro Pressure Test stations
Multiple Ultrasonic Clean Tanks
One Faro Arm

Established Quality management systems guarantee complete traceability from the point of receiving to final inspection and shipment. Each process step adheres to the stringent regulations and accountability demanded by today's Military, Power and aerospace industries. AMK's specialist test and inspection equipment further expands our capabilities and provide our customers with a one stop solution.

Training & Conference Facilities

Training at AMK is a continuous activity and includes a welder training program and personnel advancement. Technical training programs provide our welding engineers and technicians with an in-depth knowledge of the metallurgic interaction with their daily welding process. Quality management systems (QMS) training as well as continuous improvement activities such as 6 Sigma, 5S all contribute to AMK being a World Class Partner.

Our Panasonic Power 7Axis Weld System is perfect for high-technology applications.